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RichardtheRaelian posted a photo
I'am sure a lot of starseeds would be excited if that were the case for real.
5 hours ago
RichardtheRaelian posted a photo
Would anyone like to go with me?
RichardtheRaelian posted a photo
I forgot the name of it.
RichardtheRaelian posted a photo
We should keep in mind our members who are suffering from mental illness still need our support…
Luna Arjuna posted a blog post
 I am my mother's savage daughter The one who runs barefootShe looks for her omens In the colors…
RichardtheRaelian posted a photo
Something for starseeds to contemplate.
RichardtheRaelian posted a photo
May your days be filled with unconditional happiness.
Jun 4
Luna Arjuna posted a blog post in Elves Fairies & Nature Spirits
  The quaint midsummer fairies and their kin,Gnomes, elves, and trolls, on blossom, branch, and…
Jun 4
Luna Arjuna posted a photo
"You are immortal; you’ve existed for billions of years in different manifestations, because you…
Jun 3
RichardtheRaelian posted a photo
Its very cool to be here.
Jun 3
Eva Libre posted a photo in Josephine Wall Gallery
Nature and all its sentient beings offers a wealth of wisdom and endless wonder . . .
Art by…
Jun 2
Jessica Lee Lovell Bowen posted a blog post in Sacred Energies of the Sun & Moon
This is an info graphic that gives a brief explanation of the energies of each moon phase. 
Jun 1
RichardtheRaelian posted a photo
His character was call Dave Bowman from the movie:"2001:A Space Odyssey!"
Jun 1
Eva Libre posted a discussion
The eye of a hippopotamus seen at Bioparque Wakata in Jaime Duque park, near Bogota, Colombia…
May 31
RichardtheRaelian posted a photo
However as for me I prefer the term supra-consciousness rather than a soul.
May 31
RichardtheRaelian posted a photo
Could be a starseed just not from Earth!
May 30