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Star people (New Age)

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Star people or starseeds (sometimes called indigo children) are a variant of the belief in alien-human hybrids in New Age belief and fringe theory. Introduced by Brad Steiger in his 1976 b


May you find peace in the promise of the solstice night, that each day forward is blessed with more light.
That the cycle of nature, unbroken and true, brings faith to your soul and wellbeing to you.
Rejoice in the darkness, in the silence find re



Winter Solstice Spell

Winter solstice is a wonderfully magical time; and the night of the furthest drifting, the night of the million suns, is the perfect time for a truly magical Winter Solstice Spell.

A spell is a journey; always a journey of di


Blessed Solstice

It is time to celebrate the dawning of the Light as it has been from the beginning of ancient history. For those in the far north it is indeed a special time of year, when the days start to become longer again and the darkness of wi


Celebrating Yule: The Returning of The Light


Before the spread of Christianity, people celebrated an ancient tradition called Yule. Most of the Christmas traditions that we’re familiar with today originated from this holiday. But unlike our commer


“On October 31st, we will officially enter into the dark half of the year. The Celts ― an ancient people that spread across Europe most associated with modern-day Scotland, England, Wales, and Ireland ― celebrated their "new year", Samhain, on this

Litha/Summer Solstice June 21st.

Here we are at Midsummer, we have arrived at the longest day and the shortest night of the year. The Goddess is now full and pregnant with Child, and the Sun God is at the height of His virility. This is the peak of



You can sweep up the dust of a thousand ruined civilizations in this breath. You can gather the ashes of your ancestors in this breath. Whisk the DNA from all the microbes that ever swarmed the gut or swam the blood of rodent, honeybee, or leprous



'But I must gather knots of flowers,
And buds and garlands gay,
For I'm to be Queen o' the May, mother,
I'm to be Queen o' the May.'

~ Alfred Lord Tennyson.



Never fear, when Big Bertha is here! Yep, our first Big Bertha (a variety of torch cactus) bloom of the season has arrived in the Cactus Garden. 10281769859?profile=RESIZE_180x180 10281762660?profile=RESIZE_180x180

Photo: Botanist Kim

Image: A large white flower with pink tips blooms from a stout cactus. Anoth