Star people, or starseeds, are individuals who believe they have come to Earth from other dimensions to help heal the planet and guide humanity into the “golden age” – a period of great happiness, prosperity and achievement.


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  • Different people bring new happiness to each of us.11148445286?profile=RESIZE_180x180

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    I removed your unfriendly comment, Vlada.  It's not appropriate to attack each other with hate speeches here, even if opinions differ.  Facts and a friendly, mutually respectful discussion are the basic rules and social requirements that we should all adhere to here in our group.  We are a community in which we respect each other and treat each other with respect and love for one another.  Thanks, with Love and Gratitude, Eva

    • Why remove my words Eva..with respect... cos this is then like you are controlling people from freedom of speech & their free will..hate speech my words were not!!....I am not in a cult... I protect people from them!...

      I simply spoke truths only and showed back up evidence to what I was saying..why are Starseeds condemmed for doing this...

      Richard cant just make up a namesake to 'fit in' just cos he likes what we starseeds are about,there are no such thing as Raelseeds ..all the while acting like his cult is ok & its against all of what Starseeds are doing so he is then projecting against all of what starseeds stand for & are here for... and as thus it stops others fom seeing the truths in this world, ....shutting people down thats so wrong in itself... cults need to be exposed for what they are.. how else will this world change for the better away from these controlling institutions over humans souls!!..

      If I cant be honest to people then how can I be honest to myself.. think about that.... this weird cult thinks what it is doing and what it is about is all ok,....think about how it alters the minds of extremly many young,vulnerable,& weak in society & even mentally ill children & adults by the sounds too should they be getting away with this no they shouldnt thats preditor behaviour....

      Then I ask you do you agree to what they do to others!??, ..when they are acting like preditors towards the weak and a starseed it is totally part of my mission to break down these cults and expose them, to make change of the way humans think as that is pure evilness, brainwashing and so extremely wrong. You condem me for speaking truths, all the while not seeing the full picture of what is being shown to you,that also is wrong,time to see with your forth eye what this is all about & educate yourself in the process....I am a Waysayer!!! one should condemn me for it and take away my truths & starseed mission!..making out Im the bad one speaking out on these things it strips my mission & makes a total mockery of starseeds in general & what this group is all about too in the process,as many starseeds are Warrior spirit lightworkers ..

  • Hello! Thank you Eva for inviting me to join your site and since I've accepted your invitation to join.I would like to enter a new term to starseed souls that term or label I call myself is Raelseed! If anyone wants to know what that means I will be happy to give you a definition just send me a e-mail and I'll be happy to explain myself here thank you very much for your time in reading my long message here goodbye!

    • Creator

      Hello Richard, I added a tab 'Raelseed' to the group. There you can leave all your knowledge and information about this topic, including photos and videos, everything you want!

      • Hello Eva! Thank you for not banning me from the group or this website and I just read a hateful post from another one of your members of the group accusing me of not being a starseed or trying to paint me as some kind of sexual monster from a so-called dangerous UFO sex cult.I bare no hate or malice of those that chose to demonize me and my online friends who are Raelians or Raelian sympathizers.If after reading my response you chose to ban me I will understand and I will not hate you for it or your friend that feels empowered by making me out to be a brainewashed evil person.I love the person unconditionally regardless of his hate towards me and the movement I belong too.Please believe me I don't want to hurt anybody including you as a new member of your group.I promise I will not spread my Raelian belief's that will make anyone uncomfortable or judged to be inappropriate.If you feel the need to ask me questions about the Raelian movement I will be happy to answer them I will not make you believe anything your not ready for.So please don't hate me I'am chemically delicate and a over sensitive person I suffer from Schizophrenia.I'am not a monster nor are the people in the Raelian movement and I feel a connection with starseeds.I had a friend of the family tell me I was a alien or still am she doesn't know I'am a member of the movement and she didn't force me to join even as we have parted ways.Please accept me with unconditional love and I leave it up to you to decide whether you still want me as a group member or not.I'am at the mercy of your decision making process so make one that you feel comfortable with for the sake of you and your group members.Okay I will end my response message to you at this point in my long reply response message and say lastly take care of yourself and talk to you soon if you still want me to be here and goodbye signed a wanna be continued group member,RichardtheRaelian!

        • Why do you think what I said was hateful & demonising you personally Richard,when Im only speaking truths about the cult you belong to and exposed dont like to hear these truths obviously and defend yourself on it... however this is what a true starseed is all about,Im a true starseed and as we expose these truths as starseeds are  'Waysayers' they do this to make change to the consciousness of these evils that are ongoing on this planet tainting minds of the vulnerable & weak,as these cult dictators they are preditors...and you cant just make up a starseed identy namesake and then call yourself one when your definately not one ..just because you have a connection to what we are about, but when one speaks truths you make out I am the evil one for doing so...

          The truth is you belong to a made up ufo cult.. as a member which you dont deny and its a very well known cult at that involves brainwashing & weird notions of cloning humans etc and it has sexual preditors amoungst it that even moves towards children,and yet you make out that this is all ok yourself by being in it,and you want others to accept it too...well this is termed as brainwashing and many humans wont accpt this evilness is wrong and will be exposed,thus discussed openly ..

        • Creator

          Why would I remove you from our group, Richard?  You have special interests that not everyone understands, but that can be discussed.  Please relax and calm down.  I wish you a lot of strength and health as much as possible, and have a wonderful day! Much Love to you, Eva


  • Thanks for the invite!

    3d illustration. the energy from the cosmic awareness of oneself and the torsion fields of one's essence is presented

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     Hi, I picked this posting up elsewhere, I do not recall the author of the posting.


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