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India My Soul is a Spiritual Journey, a Mystery Tour ... a Declaration of Love.


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Mother Ganga Mandi, c 1650-75 Size: Image 311*184 mm; Sheet 352*225 mm Artist : Unknown Philadelphia Museum of Art   “O Mother! Necklace adorning the world! Banner rising to heaven! I ask that I may leave of this body On your banks Drinking your…

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  • A story of love

    photo of Taj Mahal

  • One may speak a thousand verses consisting of useless words,
    better is one verse of Dhamma, hearing which one is brought to peace.


  • Quick Guide to Hindu Deities | Birmingham Museum of Art Culture Bridge

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    Holly Kolkata by Sir Steve McCurry...


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  • Temple of the three great religions - Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam - at Kajuraho (in the same complex as the famous erotic temples).

    No photo description available.

  • May the light and love of Lakshmi bless you. She opens the portal for peace and joy to pour into your heart and mind and fill your life with abundance and prosperity.

    Art by Ananda Vdovic


  • In Hinduism, the Peacock is associated with the Lord Krishna and the Goddess Lakshmi. The Peacock is a symbol of beauty, wealth and good fortune. It's tail is known as "The Eyes of the Stars."

    Art by Ananda Vdovic


  • See the source image

  • Namaste 🙏 thank you for inviting me to your group ❤️


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