How are you?




“What time will you get in tonight?
Text me when you’re home
Be careful if you’re driving
Or if you’re out alone

Shout me if you need me
Or call me anytime
Hey, remember when we did that thing
And laughed until we cried?

Take a coat, it’s raining
Or shelter here with me
Let’s watch your favourite movie
I’ve made your favourite tea

I saw this and I thought of you
It really made me smile
Just checking in, I hope you’re well
I know it’s been a while

Have some fun at school today
But wear your hat - it’s cold
And look the road’s got busy now
So here’s my hand to hold”

We always hear and say these things
But rarely do we see
They’re just lots of little ways
Of saying what we really mean

See, if you listen carefully,
You’ll hear them everywhere -
All the messages of “I love you”
“You’re important” and “I care”



How are you?
From What the Wild Replied

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